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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Rewriting the future for our neediest children


Who will these children become? Any and everything they dream.
But they need your help. Please donate today.

Literacy is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty.


Our students, most of whom are children of color, live in poverty and record some of Hamilton County's lowest literacy and graduation rates.

We keep elementary school students off Chattanooga's most dangerous streets.


Gang involvement in Chattanooga begins as early as age nine, and adolescent crime often occurs just after school ends.

We promote imagination, ambition and constructive modes of self expression.


Our students desperately need tools for facing their insecurities, fears, and daily struggles with poverty and violence.

Story Creators rewrites the future for Chattanooga's neediest children


Nearly 24,000 Chattanoogans live in extreme poverty. Many of them are children. Too often, their futures are predetermined by poverty, violence and illiteracy.
We are not tutors. Instead, we inspire elementary students to read and write, and we encourage them to use language and art to express themselves.
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Story Creators


Story Creators
Story Creators
Click the images above to see the work of our talented Story Creators.
If you like what you see, visit H*Art Gallery at 110 E. Main Street in Chattanooga to purchase a copy. Or, CONTACT US today to learn how you can support future Story Creators programming.
H*Art Gallery, an organization devoted to promoting art by local homeless and non-traditional artists, is the parent organization for Story Creators. H*Art Gallery serves as a place of peace and refuge for individuals overwhelmed by poverty.

The Lillian L. Colby Charitable Foundation
's mission is to aid the poor, homeless, hungry, battered, or otherwise in need of assistance. The Lillian L. Colby Foundation provides financial assistance for Story Creators programming.

Front Porch Alliance supports the revitalization of inner-city neighborhoods with a range of initiatives, including programs focused on youth development. Front Porch Alliance provides funding for Story Creators programming.

Read 20 is dedicated to creating a strong community of readers in Chattanooga by promoting the importance of reading with children at least 20 minutes every day. Read 20 supplies Story Creators students with free books to encourage daily reading at home.

Flashlight Shows
creates live music and art experiences to add vitality and vibrancy to Chattanooga. They host concerts featuring up-and-coming indie bands and donate profits to local charities. Story Creators was the proud beneficiary of their inaugural concert.



after school art + literacy

Story Creators is inspired by Kenneth Koch’s work in New York City’s public school system and designed with National Standards for Art Education in mind.
We give our students what they don’t often get elsewhere: visual art instruction delivered by a talented local artist; fun, pressure-free practice in reading and writing; and a safe and supervised afterschool environment.
Story Creators

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